Tales of the Cool and The Wicked

Science Fiction Noir

Telling A Story.

It starts with the blank page. A big ol' hunk of 11x17 2-ply bristol board.  Add some imagination and a generous amount of quality black india ink...pretty soon you've got yourself a story.  Afterburner:Tales of The Cool and The Wicked is my favorite story to tell. It's the graphic novel that I publish and most importantly,  the whole reason for the development of this website. The Afterburner best demonstrates my ideal of an adventure story.   The lead character of the story is Renfield Briggs, military veteran, now Chief of Security. Make no mistake, Renfield is one tough guy. However, he often encounters situations and individuals that possess extraordinary power.  Luckily,  Ren thinks before he acts and he always has a plan. He doesn't go looking for trouble and will he always try to walk away from a conflict. Of course, those utopian plans are often disrupted by outside forces.  Ren is aided in his job by a small team including the beautiful, Arizona Dos Santos. Arizona has spent nearly her entire life as a criminal. She desperately wants to change her ways but she can't seem to shake her old habits. It is especially hard because many of the things and people that Ari knew in the past are still influencing her life.  Another prominent character in the book is Professor Henric Solms.  Henric,  embodies all the speculative science and hidden technology that I have read about and researched.  He has been ostracized by the traditional science community and has plied his trade with the criminal underworld. Arizona has assisted Henric in his endeavors for many years. Now the two of them are working to build an honest life for themselves. With Ren's help and a little luck, they may find success.

What Kind Of World Is This?

One of the major themes of the book is Henric Solms'  use of alternative science.   Solms is constantly referencing ideas about ancient technology and esoteric cosmology.  He made a career by selling weapons based on forgotten technology to criminal organizations. Resonance wave and plasma manipulation devices are his devices of choice. The book uses these themes in a fictional context but in actuality, Henric is espousing concepts that have nagged at traditional science for years.  A quick perusal of theories such as Plasma Cosmology and Antediluvian Societies will reveal a wealth of information on discoveries that do not conform to the things that we've been taught. It is interesting to create a character such as Henric.  The main idea is that Henric is someone who could made lasting, positive changes in the world if only he could get on the right track. Afterburner: Tales of The Cool and The Wicked is a sci fi adventure but it is also a story of redemption and duality. Each character is trying to resolve the conflict between the person that they want to be and the person that they truly are on the inside. Check out the series and enjoy the ride.