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First of all, a huge " thank you" to everyone for your support and kind words about this website and my graphic novel. . The reviews of the first edition of Afterburner:Tales of The Cool and The Wicked are coming in and the feedback is very good. Its thrilling that folks are enjoying the adventures of Renfield Briggs and Arizona Dos Santos. Afterburner is truly a different take on the classic sci-fi story. I point out that the book isn't for younger kids. However, if you are a fan of movies such as Sin City or if you are familiar with Heavy Metal Comics then Afterburner may become your new favorite.  There are several updates in the works for this series. First of all, I will post a weekly webcomic that features your favorite characters from the graphic novel. As many of you have noticed, there is a rich character environment in the book. There's a lot that goes on "between the panels" and even the bonus material hints at a larger interconnecting tale. The webcomic will help to fill in the gaps and backstory of the events in the book. These are standalone stories but the events directly relate to the happenings in the graphic novel.  A new segment of the webcomic  will post each week and the story will complete over the course of about five weeks. The first web adventure, Roadtrip, stars Arizona Dos Santos and Professor Henric Solms. As you know from the book,  Ari and Henric have a long history and a bonding relationship. Roadtrip is a short story adventure that spotlights the ties that bind the two friends. The story will also showcase a past that could tear them apart. Webcomics will publish each week on this site so be sure to check back often. If you haven't read the graphic novel yet, please clip on the Amazon link and give the book a try.  This project is an opportunity to get different voices and a different viewpoint into popular media, so be sure to leave a review of the book on Amazon.

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