Tales of the Cool and The Wicked


Go Afterburner

Okay, I've got a lot of projects on my table...artist, musician, photography. This website will present all of them. Future installments of this blog will cover a wide range of topics but  allow me to indulge on this inaugural post by discussing my book.  AfterBurner: Tales of The Cool and The Wicked is a graphic novel that I publish. The book is a science fiction adventure story that features military veteran, Renfield Briggs. The title of the book comes from a name that Renfield has inherited in the story, The Afterburner. The title also hints at the duality of character types that populate the book...the cool and the wicked. I have my preferences but I leave it to the audience to determine which category the individual characters fall into.  While the book does deal with scifi and alternate science elements,  at its core it is simply the chronicle of a regular guy who must deal with extraordinary situations.  Along the way he has to negotiate with a cast of reformed grifters and hired henchmen  without becoming immersed in their schemes.   Like me, the story's lead character, Renfield Briggs, is a Navy veteran and many of the props in his environment come directly from the things around me.  The classic cars, the dialogue about Nikola Tesla- like science, the references to blues music, those are all things that interest me. It is through those personal interest that the graphic novel  has taken shape. As you peruse through this site you are basically seeing not only the development of my many projects but also the underlying concepts that interlace and influence each of those projects.

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