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Batman V Superman

I'm just back from an early screening of Batman v Superman. Don't worry I'll won't dish out any spoilers but I will get to the point and say that I enjoyed the film. Like many fans of the sequential page, I had my doubts about the movie. The fact that early reviews by critics were unfavorable didn't help the matter. Still, I decided to take one for the team and check things out for myself. For months the debate if Ben Affleck was a good choice for Batman. Well, rest assured Affleck does a fine job as Bruce Wayne and his alter ego. Likewise, Henry Cavill has learned to emote since his last stoic outing as Clark Kent. The breakout showing for me was Gal Gadot in the role of Wonder Woman.  My first exposure to Gadot was through  the Fast and Furious franchise.  To honest I was less than impressed with her in the FF role and I was surprised when she was announced for the role of Dr. William Marston's star spangled Amazon.   Now, I won't say that I was wrong...because that's defeatist talk! However,  I will admit a strong probability that I may have initially misjudged Ms. Gadot. Also, someone apparently  tossed the normally svelte  Gadot  a stash of old Muscle Fitness magazines and a can of Joe Weider Crash Weight Gain #7.  Like the skinny kid in the old Charles Atlas advertisements Gadot has up-armored her whole kit. She packed on just enough muscle to channel the Greek warrior without veering into the land of gamma radiated bulge. Gadot is believable in the role and I look forward to seeing more her as a part of the DC trinity. In contrast to Gadot's conservative increase of mass Affleck's Batman is a true heavyweight. This ain't  the lean, young maverick of the Nolan trilogy. Affleck's Batman is a steamrolling side of beef. Years of crime fighting a forged a shrouded bruiser who pounds his way through crime. Both his fighting style and his driving technique are from the John Madden school of smash mouth.  And yes, this Batman uses guns, get over it. Matter of fact he uses whatever tools are at hand to bash and pummel his way through a fight. Affleck's Batman is blunt instrument,  a symphony of thoom and I like it.  The rest of the cast is excellent and it was great how they each addressed their interpretation of the Superman mythos.  At 2hr and 33mins the film does run a bit long but I found it to be time well spent.

Robert StewartComment