Tales of the Cool and The Wicked

Convention Photos

I usually take a camera with me to conventions and I love to film photography! Convention season is the most exciting time of year for me. It’s a mixture anticipation and pedal to the metal drawing sessions. The work that goes into preparing for a show is tremendous but convention day is always the happiest day. Meeting fellow artists, geeking out over the latest comics and talking with the fans is the greatest.

Film is Cool!

I usually take a camera with me to conventions and I love 35mm film photography! My favorite medium of film is black and white. It's always amazing to see the incredible designs of Cosplayers and the personal style of all the fans. For me, film is the perfect way to take a snapshot not only of the moment but a time capsule of our culture as well.  Here are some photos from my recent convention attendances. Most of these photos are taken with one of my trusty 35mm film cameras. There's a few digital shots in there too, but for me film is best. Film lends a warmth and complexity to a scene and I can really connect with the ambiance of the moment. Also, there's a feeling of accomplishment and skill building derived from developing a roll of film. It's just my favorite expression of visual media.