Tales of the Cool and The Wicked


My camera of choice is a 1957 Leica M3. It is a hefty piece of functional art that gives photos a stunningly signature look.  This camera is minimal in features.  It can handle color film but it really shines with a roll of black and white Kodak tx film. Most folks today would be unhappy with the frugality of adjustments offered by the M3. There's no high capacity storage card here...every shot has to count. The limitations of the M3 translate to an efficiency of craft. The photographer learns to see the shot right the first time.  There is no light meter or flash but the 50mm summicron lens is dead perfect even in candlelight. Leica cameras are fine examples of German design and durability.  I'd like to share some of my favorite images with you. Most of these are of classic automobiles because I think the paring of vintage camera technique and vintage steel are worthy compatibles.